L-MBUSx, LSMI-80x, LKNX-300, LENO-80x, LWLAN-800, LMPBUS-804, LTE-800

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LTE Interface

USB to 2x RS-232 Interface

Wireless LAN Interface IEEE 802.11bgn

MP-Bus Interface for 16 devices per channel, up to 4 channels

M-Bus level converter for 20 M-Bus devices

M-Bus level converter for 80 M-Bus devices

Connection cable between LINX‑x0x or LINX‑x1x Automation Server and L-MBUSx0 M-Bus level converter

Standard Motor Interface for 16 motors via EXT port

Standard Motor Interface for 64 motors, 4 SMI channels via USB

KNX interface to connect KNX TP1 devices

EnOcean Interface 868 MHz Europe

EnOcean Interface 902 MHz USA/Canada

EnOcean Interface 928 MHz Japan

Remote EnOcean Antenna, Europe, White

Remote EnOcean Antenna, USA/CA, White

Remote EnOcean Antenna, Japan, White

TRIAC Interface, 16 x Digital Output 0.5 A TRIAC, 16 x Digital Input (0/10 V)

Voltage / Current Converter, 8 channels, 0-10 V input to 4-20 mA output converter

Relay Interface, 8 x Digital Output 16 A Relays, 8 x Digital Input 0/10 V