Wednesday, September 09 2020

New in the L-DALI Product Family: LDALI-MS2-BT and LDALI-MS4-BT Multi-sensors


LDALI MS2 BT LDALI MS4 BT multisensor

LDALI-MS2-BT and LDALI-MS4-BT are DALI-2 certified multi-sensors made for ceiling mounting featuring Bluetooth beacon functionality. Both integrate perfectly into the L‑DALI product line of lighting controllers and L-ROC room controllers.

Key features:

  • Temperature & humidity sensor (dew point)
  • Lux level measurements
  • High sensitive occupancy detection – dual technology (PIR and acustic), optimized for office applications
  • Up to 12 m maximum mounting height (depending on the model)
  • 3 digital inputs
  • Infrared receiver for optional infrared remote control L-RC1
  • Configurable Bluetooth beacons and services (asset tracking)
  • Firmware update via DALI
  • DALI-2 certified

Find out even more features in our datasheet.