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ETT Lighting, LOYTEC Competence Partner, presented the LOYTEC L-DALI Lighting Control Solution at the Ambient Fair 2019 - the largest specialized international fair in the field of construction in Slovenia. Take a look at some pictures of the Ambient Ljubljana!


LOYTEC exhibited once again at the SBE 2019 in Milano, the biggest international trade fair in Italy focussing on home, building automation and system integration. Together with Delta Electronics, LOYTEC showcased its powerful range of products and energy saving solutions. Have a look at several photos!


Two LOYTEC presentations were held at LUMI Expo 2019 in Bologna. Mr. Paolo Lagana, LOYTEC Sales Manager Italy, focused on "Building Automation: Connectivity in intelligent Buildings" and Mr. Fabrizio Pagnini spoke about "Standardization of Lighting Control Systems with DALI-2".

Take a look at some pictures of both presentations!


LOYTEC exhibited at the Greenbuild 2019 fair which took place in Atlanta. Several live demos gave an impression on the capabilities of LOYTEC products and solutions. Take a look at some pictures of our booth!


Celebrating 20 years of LOYTEC, we hosted the Buildings under Control Symposium 2019 in Vienna this October. At Techgate Vienna, the LOYTEC team presented in-depth news on all relevant topics regarding building automation to an audience of our business partners from all over the globe.




LOYTEC在第二屆DIAL智慧建築論壇中展出令人驚豔的樓宇自動化產品與解決方案。LOYTEC德國中區業務經理Thomas Bott演說「透過具彈性的區域自動化達成樓宇效率」。請一同來看看活動照片!

bacnet twin 2019



來看看2019 BTA LOYTEC展位照片!LOYTEC奧地利與中東歐業務Johann Kucsera 與Danijel Nuic歡迎來自奧地利與鄰近國家的訪客。來看看這些令人印象深刻的照片!


LOYTEC認證合作夥伴ETT Lighting D.O.O.於斯洛維尼亞國際工藝展展出LOYTEC產品與解決方案。來看看這活動的相關照片!