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Case studies

Building edit

The Karadeniz Technical University is a comprehensive public research university with 80 departments, 12 faculties and 6 graduate schools spread over a huge campus. Continue reading to find out how Termmarket successfully managed to integrate a total of 34 departments and also 7 external faculties on one central LWEB-900 BMS server and fulfilled the energy efficiency requirements requested by the customer.

office park schwechatClose to Vienna International Airport (VIE) the Office Park 4 building complex offers more than 20,000 m² of office space and flexible co-working areas. Thanks to LOYTEC L-ROC Room Automation tenants benefit from high user comfort and energy savings generated by automatic shading, DALI constant light control including optimal temperature control. Discover more details about this impressive project!

Hollmann googleRead about the Residenza Hollmann project in Italy and how LOYTEC room energy management accommodates guest comfort and energy efficiency.

Building editThe complete building automation solution implemented at the Erciyes University is one of the biggest LOYTEC projects in Turkey so far. Continue reading to get to know the control potentials of LOYTEC’s L-INX Automation Server and L-IOB I/O Controller product range.

tire turkey

One of the most important Bridgestone factories is rated to produce arround 4.2 million tires a year. Find out how LOYTEC hardware used in the test lab to control the HVAC system helped the customer to reach a "zero defect" products target.

Antalya Aquarium, Photo ©МаратД

The top priority of the investor for the revitalization project was to get a seamless multidisciplinary integration of all already installed systems in the building. The heart of the solution is LOYTEC's L-INX Automation Server. Check out why!

bemax google The multifunctional sports and event hall boasts with high transformation flexibility, energy efficiency while being a retrofit project. Find out more about this project!

football 1331843 1920

The new Turkey Football Federation training facitlity at the Black Sea is an impressive building complex. Read which LOYTEC products are the core of the facilities's HVAC automation solution.

Shanghai Oriental Hospital The Shanghai Oriental Hospital experiences significant improvements of the operational efficiency using the LOYTEC Building Automation Solution. Read more about this challenging success story!

Devices: L-DALI


The logistic center located in Piacenza supplies the region Southern Europe for a major European retailer. With sustainability in mind, the furniture store company went for a retrofit of their lighting solution. Take a look at the energy savings potential of modern lighting control systems by LOYTEC!

Devices: L-INX, L-IOB, LWEB-900

China Mobile DC 1 edited

The China Mobile Data Center in the Zhengzhou Experimental Comprehensive Zone is China Mobile's largest communications production and information service base in the central plain region.

Devices: L-STATLROC-400 


Excellently located in the second district of Vienna, in what is one of the most interesting business locations of the city, AUSTRIA CAMPUS emerges.

city of chandler city hallKalvebod Brygge is placed as a visual landmark at the gateway to central Copenhagen - both to drivers along Kalveboderne Quay and train passengers to and from Copenhagen.

chandler google 2With a recent City Hall project the City of Chandler is once again using LOYTEC products in order to benefit from energy savings. Read more about this case study!

delta emea headquarter hoofdorp 2017

The renovation and upgrade of the existing office building in Hoofdorp transforms the Delta EMEA Headquarters into a modern working environment. Impressive results you need to read about!

ck sa luxembourg

In search for a reliable VAV solution for the five floor IT Business Building of Brillio LOYTEC BMS LWEB-900 was the first choice. Have a look at the solution that was successfully implemented.

Ishbylia boys

After successfully implementing a central BMS at Ishblyia Intermediate Girls School the Ministry of education Kuwait country also assigns AHMED ISHAQ for this Intermediate BOYS School Project. Have a look at project details!


For the development of the educational buildings the Ministry of Education in Kuwait asked for a central BMS. Ahmed Ishaq Co. presented an innovative solution building on LOYTEC technology. 


Langestraße 100 in Germany is a newly built 5-star rated design hotel with 130 spacious rooms and suites, a state-of-the-art medical center with 15 medical specialists, an apartment building with 16 flats and a two-storey underground garage with 200 parking spaces.

Delta Electronics Beijing Office

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has just granted the LEED NC (New Construction) Silver Certification to Delta Electronics’ Beijing Office. Delta’s Beijing office has demonstrated an impressive 20% cut in overall energy costs as compared to the annual baseline reference of the 2007 ASHREA standard 90.1. 


"A new shopping experience in a space that combines an environmentally friendly design with a distinctive range of leisure and sport."

Zhaoquing Railway

Delta GreenTech and LOYTEC Work Hand-in-hand on China’s Next-Gen Railway Station


Hontai Plaza

Paragon of Intelligent Building Management

Devices: LDALI-ME204

Manchester Airport

After the successful implementation of a lighting control system for the public areas of Manchester Airport's terminal 2, the LOYTEC Competence Center Calon in cooperation with the company Building Environment Control, have now extended the very same lighting control solution to the public areas of the airport’s terminals T1 & T3.

Devices: LINX-220LIOB-151, LIOB-152, LIOB-453,

Continente Hypermarket, Braga Nova ArcadaThe LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE installed a total control solution for the Continente Hypermarket, Braga Nova Arcada based on LOYTEC components. The solution integrates all systems of the store from refrigeration to HVAC and lighting and allows for increased energy efficiency and transparent management of the technical equipment.