LOYTEC Competence Partner 2021 Spotlight

Skopos d.o.o.

SBT - Solutions in Building TechnologiesOur Mission - We believe in intelligent, sustainable and safe solutions each and every time. By constantly anticipating, innovating and going an extra mile we strive to provide premium user experience for our clients. Skopos d.o.o. works with government organizations, large enterprises and SMEs across more than 15 countries. We are committed to providing solutions to each of their challenges and needs – and our dedication proves to be successful. 
Ingenuity Automation Solutions - With deep knowledge of smart building technologies, our vision is to bring all the advantages of Internet of Things to the everyday life of each and every one of us. On the beginning of a new decade, expectations go far beyond traditional BMS, seeking for advanced systems and services. Sophisticated solutions are becoming the new standard – ready to satisfy the needs of different building stakeholders and expectations of occupants. By providing most advanced management solutions and comprehensive control of buildings, we help our clients to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimization initiatives. Furthermore, our platform based on Artificial Intelligence is bringing fantastic advantages to your business and making your facilities ready for the future.
Premium experience​ - We have been pursuing our mission since 2004. Our presence with products and services is strong in Eastern and Central Europe, Russian Federation, Middle East and Central Asia. We successfully delivered more than 1000 projects. Our policy of openness sets standards for the future by breaking down traditional barriers, ensuring an optimized and future-proof ecosystem. We are proud of the wide portfolio of premium Building Automation solutions for all types of buildings and installations. Our experienced team of enthusiastic professionals is dedicated to your requirements. Skopos d.o.o. is LOYTEC Competence Partner since 2019. 

New Competence Partner Q2 2021

SBT -  Solutions in Building Technologies

SBT - Solutions in Building TechnologiesSBT – Solutions in Building Technologies has founded in 2013 from a group of engineers with more than 20 years’ experience. As independent building automation system contractor our main competences are BMS, HVAC automation, process automation, energy efficiency, fire detection and security solutions, project design, technical support, project management, engineering, onsite commissioning, and maintenance. We work and act worldwide. Our main markets are: hospitality, hotels, cruise ships solutions, pharmaceutical industry; automation and control with SCADA system under GMP regulations and validations for drugs production, laboratories, hospitals. SBT's mission is to offer and provide for all customers a high-end solution from building & process automation and fire and safety solutions

New Competence Partner Q1 2021

Sunbelt Controls

Sunbelt ControlsSunbelt Controls has over 30 years of experience as an independent Building Automation System contractor. We have over 300 employees and 14 office locations throughout the Western United States. We pride ourselves as a leader in the smart building technology industry, where no project is too big or complex for our technical staff. Partnering with forward-thinking companies like LOYTEC help make this possible. Sunbelt Controls leveraging cutting-edge products and software coupled with our business motto, "We believe there is a better way" always finds the right solutions to satisfy our customers' ever-changing needs.

LOYTEC welcomes GH Connect A/S - New LOYTEC Competence Center in Scandinavia

LOYTEC map scandinavia

Logo w payoff

GH Connect is more than a “consulting engineer business” within the building construction and renovating industry. In modern construction you can create everything. However, the greater the possibilities, the more complexity and interaction a building requires – and the more people and technologies are involved. GH Connect understands these skills, crafts, mindsets, measurements, data, and networks. The challenge in the market of hardware and software is that many suppliers can deliver single elements to be part of the overall solution, but few can oversee that the combined task is solved satisfactory. We can. Therefore we buy from the best suppliers in the market and deliver a complete package which we guarantee will be the solution that will fit the needs of the customer. In doing this, dialogue, opportunity and expertise must be guided across crafts and expertise. Otherwise, the result may be that your construction will be too expensive, that your daily operations will be too complicated or that you will get a building that just does not fit the people who need to be in it on a daily basis.

We neither build nor install ourselves, but we coordinate the way between the start and the desired result. We combine and control technology and people to give the whole building added value. We understand and develop new and smarter ways to get the job done and control the experience, use of energy and money. This is also reflected in our payoff/promise: One plus 1 is more.

In this line we combine the human (one) with the calculation, technology and numbers (1) in what makes a better result. But always with the human understanding first. Our brand value-promises, which we use to tell our stories in the market conveys our building blocks:

• We bring together and balance the many sides of technology for the benefit of people and results.
• We look at all connections and relationships – there might be more than meets the eye.
• What we can influence must be done well and cultivated.
• Understanding makes everything better.
• A progress must be set free.

This we do by being ourselves:

• We connect.
• We combine the human element with technical insight and understanding.
• We balance the modern technology of modern buildings with the result of how humans will feel in the final building.
• We do our best.
• We are trustworthy.
• We know.
• We are likeable.
• We understand.
• We are nerds.
• We are great company.
• We cultivate.
• We make people bring out their best.

Through this approach, GH Connect provides “insight management” for projects, constructions or renovations of buildings and constructions.

All the people working in – and all the collective knowledge in your project can lead to much more if it is managed in unison. The trick is to build with an understanding of the building as a whole, not just letting each supplier see his or her own delivery, and build on the possibilities of the connection. Our focal point is not on the supplier's side, but on the reality of what it can mean. The possibilities of reality (and emotion) are the starting and ending points for our effect, benefits and connections that are brought into the world of numbers and data: We live to “keeping it real” and give magic results through technical understanding of the skills and products of other people.

• When you balance technology and people in reality, you get more.
• We are investing ourselves as human beings (which makes combining the technically heavy solutions much more worthwhile).
• Anything is possible.

We see the world in wonderful connections because of our holistic understanding and experience.

Kjeld Kirkgaard

Kjeld Kirkgaard

GH Connect A/S


New Competence Partner Q1 2021

Grupo Clima - CLIMA IDEAL

isarIs the leader in the HVAC sector in Central America & the Caribbean, with over 50 years of experience in air conditioning, refrigeration, building automation systems and electromechanical installations. Grupo Clima has consolidated the leadership in HVAC solutions. In these years as one of the largest contractors in the region, Grupo Clima has participated in some of the most important projects of the Costa Rica economy, About 15 years ago, it started working on buildings that optimized controllability and comfort for users. Nowadays, its service also focuses on energy- saving as providers of the latest technology and integrating building automation, involving HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other systems. The experience of our team allows us to offer solutions for all types of applications, which can range from a small house to the largest and most demanding works, all under the most rigorous standards of efficiency and quality.

New Competence Partner Q3 2020

Ingeniería y Sistemas de Aire Acondicionado y Refrigeración (ISAR)

isarISAR stands for Engineering and Systems of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Created with the vision to be one of the most competitive companys in the region. ISAR is a dynamic leading company established in 1999, endorsed with more than 63 years of combine experience in the construction & design area by our specialized engineers, technicians & administrative personnel. Our goal is to provide to our customers the way to meet or exceed the expectations on every job, knowing our business, with the latest innovations & providing the best service at any time. We know that every investment requires integral solutions. That’s why we bring ideal results that are sure to fulfill the need, priorities and specifications of our clients, using modern tools, systems & techniques used in construction, giving you the trust of a safe investment”

Centro Logistico a Piacenza, Italia, 2019 (Italian)

Dispositivi: L-DALI


Il centro logistico situato a Piacenza gestisce l'intera regione dell'Europa meridionale per un importante rivenditore europeo. Con un occhio di riguardo verso la sostenibilità, l'azienda specializzata nella vendita di mobili e complementi d'arredo ha optato per un aggiornamento della propria soluzione di illuminazione. Dai un'occhiata al potenziale risparmio energetico dei moderni sistemi di controllo dell'illuminazione di LOYTEC!

New Competence Partner August 2019

TESLA SISTEMI - The leading system integrator in Serbia

TESLA SISTEMI logoOur offer includes development, design, installation and commissioning of electro systems and maintenance of those systems in warranty period, and if it’s arranged, after the warranty period. Company Tesla sistemi consists of many sectors, one of which is a sector for import and sales of numerous manufacturers brands. With complete service, from merchandise import, project development and design, to installing and commissioning of the system with possessing the complete infrastructure to accomplish even the most difficult tasks, we give maximum to the users investment. At the moment, logo “Tesla sistemi” as a synonim for quality and reliability is used by over 30 installing companies in Serbia. Well-organized and trained subcontractors across Serbia are prepared to respond to each and every clients' demand, in the shortest possible time. Tesla sistemi accomplished very important references, by respecting and implementation of modern business methods. The plan for future development is widening business to the Russia market.