COWI Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013

COWI_HeadquartersCOWI is one of the largest consultant engineering companies in Denmark. Its headquarters is situated in Kongens Lyngby just outside the center of Copenhagen.

In course of the total renovation of the COWI headquarters, the company Grue & Hornstrup is in charge of building up the Building Management System for ventilation, heating, and lighting. The entire renovation project encompasses the renovation of eight floors of offices, the construction of a new walkway between the two buildings, and an expansion and renovation of the canteen.

Grue & Hornstrup works on the project in corporation with the electrical contractor “Installatøren A/S”. The BMS (Building Management System) is implemented based on LOYTEC components. It runs on COWI’s technical IP network to ensure fast and steady communication and to facilitate maintenance and adaption of software.

System with LOYTEC Components    COWI_Headquarters

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-120, LIOB-451, LIOB-452, LDAL-3E104LDALI-PWR4-U, LVIS-3E112, LVIS-3E115

Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Number of Nodes 280
Topology KNX/IP, IP852 (LonMark), Dali
Companies involved Grue & Hornstrup
LOYTEC Components    11 x LINX-120,
32 x LIOB-451,
44 x LIOB-452,
14 x LDAL-3E104,
14 x LDALI-PWR4-U,
14 x LVIS-3E112,
1 x LVIS-3E115