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LOYTEC Product Certificates


WSPCert Certificates

The family of the BACnet enabled L-INX Automation Server, L-IOB I/O Modules and Controller, LIOB-AIR VAV Controller, L-GATE Gateways, L-IP Router, L-DALI Controller and L-ROC Room Controller are BTL-certified as BACnet Building Controllers (B-BC).


UL 2 Page 2

UL Certificates

The LOYTEC products are certified and registered according to the UL certification process.




BACnet Prüfliste für AMEV-Testate

AMEV Self-declarations

The German study group of public and municipal administrations for machines and electrical facilities in buildings (AMEV) presents the AMEV profiles A and B presenting the recommended minimum feature set of BACnet devices regarding object types, services, etc. With the AMEV attestations, a BTL test laboratory can certify the AMEV profile of a certified BACnet device. A selection of BACnet compliant L‑IOB I/‌O controllers and modules, L‑INX automation servers and L‑GATE gateways meets the AMEV profile AS-A according to BACnet 2017.





LonMark Certified Products

The L‑IOB I/‌O Modules are officially certified as LonMark products:




SMI Zertifikat 160704 Zertifikat Z1607 1 Rev1

SMI Certificate

The LSMI-800, LSMI-804 and LROC‑40x are certified and registered according to the Standard Motor Interface certification process (






Certificate LOYTEC Belimo approved MP Bus Partner

MP-Bus Certificate

LOYTEC is a Belimo approved MP-Partner and LOYTEC devices with built-in MP-Bus interface have been successfully certified.






DALI-2 Certificates

These LOYTEC devices are certified and registered according to the certification process of the DiiA - Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (

  • LDALI-PWR2-U / LDALI-PWR4-U Power Supplies
  • LDALI-BM2 Pushbutton Coupler
  • LDALI-MS2 Multi-Sensor
  • LDALI-ME201-U / LDALI-ME204-U DALI Controller
  • LDALI-PLC4 DALI Controller

Download DALI-2 Certificates



gsa approved

GSA Certification

The CEA-709/IP-852 Routers LIP-1ECTC, LIP-3ECTC, LIP-33ECTC, and LIP-3333ECTC are GSA IT Security approved and are permitted to be connected to the GSA network as outlined in the GSA-IT Security Procedural Guide. The GSA (General Services Administration) is an independent agency of the United States government.