IoT Integration

IoT Integration pexels photo 260689

Actually, any modern device provides an IoT interface. Mulitmedia projectors, A/V systems or Smart-TVs - LOYTEC’s groundbreaking JavaScript based IoT integration functionality allows integrating them all. In short: If you can control it via app, you can integrate it into the lighting control system. Typical applications are meeting rooms or auditoriums, where scene control not only controls the room’s lights and shading, but also drives screens and switches on the room’s multi-media equipment by the touch of a single button. Similar products from the consumer sector like a Sonos® audio system, Philips Hue lights or Alexa and friends can be connected to the LOYTEC lighting system. The IoT integration functionality allows connecting the system with almost any cloud service, either for uploading performance data for further processing or for using information from the cloud in the lighting control application (e.g. scheduling based on web-calendars or booking systems).

Typical applications:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Auditoriums