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Secondary School Loulé, Algarve, Portugal, 2015

Gymnasium Loulé, Algarve, Portugal

Secondary School LouléBy resolution of the Minister’s Council on January 3, 2008, the Secondary School’s Modernization Program based on quality standards has been created. The program’s goal is to position the Portuguese teaching as an international reference.

This program includes interventions in 332 schools, strengthening a potential national school network, which strategically gives absolute importance to this program and the construction of a new culture of learning.

The modernization project of the Secondary School of Loulé is based on three fundamental factors: 

  1. Upgrading the level of the functional program (programmatic spaces).
  2. Improving the conditions of the existing building in terms of infrastructure, thermal and acoustic comfort, security, networking, and architectural environment.
  3. Modernizing and improving the school's exterior spaces and the relationship between the different pavilions.

For this school, a solution was set up that enables the management and operation of technical facilities, with the objective of streamlining and cost optimization of thermal and electrical energy to ensure maximum user comfort.

The solution was installed and implemented by RACE with LOYTEC products for the following systems:

  • Fire dampers monitoring,
  • Lighting control,
  • Energy consumption measurement and reporting.


Secondary School Loulé     Secondary School Loulé     Secondary School Loulé


Interesting Facts

Location Loulé - Algarve, Portugal
Number of Nodes 125


Bacnet MS/TP, Bacnet IP, Lonworks FT10, IP network, Modbus RTU

Companies involved RACE,  Ferreira, Build Power, Parque Escolar (Ministry of Education) 

LOYTEC Components       

5 x LINX-220, 3 x LINX-210, 18 x LIOB-A2, 25 x LIOB-100, 20 x LIOB-101, 1 x LIOB-102, 7 x LIOB-150, 5 x LIOB-151