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In a company with many branches and a commercial building with joint usage, an adequate and energy optimized ventilation system is needed. All autonomously operating facilities shall be automatically backed up on an external server in a control center (in a different city). The local facility managers shall connect to the server through the Internet to maintain and optimize the systems. The room conditions such as temperature and humidity shall be monitored and controlled via touch panels by head storemen and branch managers. Administration accomplishes these tasks using normal workplace PCs instead of dedicated touch panels. Facility managers shall also be informed about malfunctions and alarms from remote. By accessing this information via tablet PC, the facility manger is able to give an initial assessment of the situation. The IT staff is open for a joint usage of the network, provided that the common IT security standards are met. 


The central air handler on the roof houses a large ventilation system supplying the sales and office floors. For an adequate distribution of the air, variable air volume controllers (VAV) are deployed that determine their optimal operating condition via the optimization function of the ventilation system. The control is done by a L-INX Automation Server that integrates actuators and sensors via L-IOB I/O Modules and various field busses. A weather station is mounted outside the building, communicating with the L-INX Automation Servers via a field bus.

In each of the three storage areas, one compact air handler is installed that also performs heating. The systems are controlled by one L-IOB I/O Controller each. Per storage area an L-VIS Touch Panel offers the comfortable possibility of monitoring and configuring the room conditions like temperature and humidity.


LOYTEC Ventilation Solution

Thanks to LOYTEC’s functions and graphics library, the functions and visualizations are configured in a short time, whereby it is always possible to integrate customized features. Functions and symbols that are used in the large central ventilation system can be reused in the compact ventilation systems which significantly simplifies engineering and operation by the end user.

All these control and visualization components are interconnected via a network. Because of daisy-chain connections from one device to another, the cabling effort can be minimized. Since all network members communicate with one another through web services (OPC, SOAP) and through HTTPS SSL-Encryption, network configuration can be kept simple and complies with the security standard demanded by the IT department. Communication via firewalls and NAT routers in the intranet and Internet is secure which allows the integration of the company’s WLAN.

The server application of the management system LWEB-900 that supports complete device configuration, trend and alarm logs, calendars and schedulers, parameter settings, and also a periodical device backup, is installed on a virtual server in the control center and is therefore also included in the processes of the IT department, such as backup and maintenance. The client application of LWEB-900 is installed on the workstations computers of the local facility managers, which allows them the unrestricted use of all functions of the management system.

LWEB-803 is installed on all workplace computers of administration. Through this application, employees can control the room conditions directly via their own PC.  

If the facility manager wants to access the system from remote, he uses the web application LWEB-802. This application shows the same views on the tablet PC as the LWEB-900 client.

For using all these access possibilities, no additional engineering is required, as the entire functionality and the graphics are already delivered with the LOYTEC functions and graphics libraries.

Air Handler


The consistent use of LOYTEC products offers the following advantages:

  • Multi-protocol capability of L-INX Automation Servers: If L-INX Automation Servers are used, the additional use of gateways is not necessary, as this functionality is already integrated in the L-INX Automation Servers.
  • Scalability: For small, decentralized systems, L-IOB I/O Controllers can be used. For large central stations, L-INX Automation Servers are advised. In both cases, LOYTEC’s functions and graphics library can be used without functional restrictions.
  • Management: With LWEB-900, a powerful management system is available that offers all common and custom functions, like visualization, alarming, scheduling, trending, and many more. Moreover, it sets new standards in the field of implementing IT security features and reporting.
  • IT friendly: Through the use of web services (OPC, SOAP) via HTTPS SSL-Encryption, a seamless integration in an IT environment is ensured, as only state-of-the-art IT mechanisms and protocols are used.
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device: If a visualization, trend, or schedule, etc. is once configured, it is available for all tools, be it as a graphical page on an L-VIS touch panel, in the LWEB-900 management system, LWEB-802 web browser, or LWEB-803 client as a desktop application.

Range of Applications:

Community Facilites:

  • Kindergardens and schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public swimming pools
  • Retirement and care homes
  • Sport halls
  • Administration buildings

Business Facilities:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Airports
  • Railroad stations
  • Production halls
  • Warehouses

Case Studies: