Solutions d´éclairage

Modern lighting control systems must meet a number of requirements: Sophisticated control algorithms must significantly reduce energy usage and increase occupants' comfort. The facility manager must have access to each level of information, from energy usage to failure reporting. It must allow changing the usage of rooms or even adapt the layout of a building effortlessly. Finally, it must allow seamless integration with the other systems in the building (HVAC, sunblinds, access control) and with the building management system.

With more than 10 years of experience in lighting control and even more in building automation in general, LOYTEC lighting control solutions cover all those requirements. By using standardized open protocols like DALI, EnOcean, SMI, OPC, BACnet, and LonMark, a LOYTEC lighting control system can easily be expanded or connected to other vendors systems. This ensures that a LOYTEC based lighting control system is a save investment in the future.