Integration of Shading

lighting applications integration of shading

Since shading as well as lighting influence the brightness in the room, a good coordination between lighting and shading control is essential. On the one hand, this allows better interaction and improvement of the two control strategies in general (for example, the system ignores temporary changes of the measured lux level due to movements of the blinds). On the other hand, special applications can be implemented: In museums or conference rooms during presentations, the light level in the room has to be within a certain frame without giving too much light. Reasons for that is the protection of artworks or to make projections on a canvas visible, while remaining at a comfortable level.

A particularly good integration is possible with sunblind actuators with SMI interface. Even drives with different drive interfaces (for example LonMark, KNX) or conventional control via relays is also possible.

Typical applications:

  • Office
  • Open plan office
  • Single cell office
  • Classroom
  • Corridor and circulation areas
  • Meeting room
  • Canteen
  • Patient room
  • Factory floor
  • Airport
  • Museum