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Product News

Friday, February 21 2020
The following LOYTEC Node.js script packages are ready for download:

For information on how to add a script resource and create script objects, 
have a look at chapter 16 in the L-INX Configurator User Manual.

Wednesday, February 19 2020

  • L-VIS/L-WEB Configurator to configure the L-VIS Touch Panel and to build graphical pages for L-VIS Touch Panels or LWEB-802/803 pages for L-WEB system or L-STUDIO on PC or handhelds.
  • LVIS-3MEx Firmware for LVIS-3ME7-Gx, LVIS-3ME12-A1, LVIS-3ME15-A1, and LVIS-3ME15-Gx Touch Panels for LonMark (CEA-709), BACnet, and Modbus
  • LVIS-3E11x Firmware for LVIS-3E112, and LVIS-3E115 Touch Panels (CEA-709)
  • LVIS-ME21x Firmware for LVIS-ME212, and LVIS-ME215 Touch Panels (BACnet)

  • Download the latest version of the L-VIS User Manual.

L-VIS Firmware 7.2. Release Tutorial

This video presents several new features of the new firmware release.

Thursday, January 02 2020

campus guy

Get to know the LOYTEC Online Campus with webforum and learn how to unleash the full potential of LOYTEC products! Find several online trainings and leverage the know-how of LOYTEC support and fellow users to get your important questions answered!

  • LOYTEC Webforum
  • Tutorial Videos on Youtube
  • Get access to the new LOYTEC Online Campus: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 onlinecampus square
Wednesday, January 01 2020

iot landing en

"If you can control it via app, you can integrate it into the building automation system or touch panel interface."

With LOYTEC IoT integration can be achieved without complex programming skills! Benefits of IoT integration in a nutshell:

  • Easy integration of multi-media equipment into the building control system (Video projectors, AV-Systems, etc)
  • Uploading data to cloud services for further processing
  • Providing information via Web API (MQTT, RESTful API)
  • Integration of the Node-RED enviroment on controller level
  • Complete our new free training "IoT and Scripting" at LOYTEC Online Campus (register via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Further information:

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