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lpow-2415a_iconLPOW-2415A, LPOW-2415B and LPOW-2460B are used to supply power to LOYTEC devices.

L Term LT x3Network terminators in DIN rail housings for the LonMark TP/FT-10 and TP/XF-1250 channels.

LBOX-600With L-BOX System Distribution Boxes, LOYTEC offers the possibility of a decentralized installation of hardware components, e.g. for the flexible room automation system L-ROC.

liob/LIOB-A2-icon.jpgLIOB-Adapters to extend or terminate the LIOB-Connect bus.

L Term LT x4LOYTEC offers network terminators for RS‑485 channels (ANSI TIA/‌EIA‑485) such as BACnet MS/‌TP, Modbus RTU, or TP/RS485 (CEA‑709) in DIN rail housings.

LBOX-ROC1The LBOX-ROC1 and the LBOX-ROC2 are designed to ease hardware installation and cabling of LROC‑40x room automation projects.