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Product News

Tuesday, August 08 2017

The Network Interface Software consists of NIC device drivers (NIC709-IP1E100, NIC709-IP3E100, NIC709-IP1E100C, NIC709-IP3E100C, NIC709-PCI100, NIC709-USB100) and supports all LOYTEC devices with RNI (Remote Network Interface).

Friday, June 16 2017
  • L-LOGICAD Software, the programming tool (IEC 61131-3) for all programmable L-INX Automation Servers (LINX-11x, LINX-21x, LINX-12x, LINX-22x, LINX-15x, and LINX-151) as well as the programmable L-IOB I/O Controllers (LIOB-18x, LIOB-48x, and LIOB-58x).
Friday, April 15 2016

The Building Management Software LWEB-900 now additionally supports the following devices: 

  • the L-DALI controllers LDALI-3E101-U, LDALI-3E102-U, LDALI-3E104-U, LDALI-ME201-U, LDALI-ME204-U,
  • the L-ROC controllers LROC-101, LROC-400, LROC-401, LROC-402,
  • the LIOB-AIR controllers LIOB-AIR2, LIOB-AIR13,
  • and also the new  LIOB-586 controller.
Thursday, July 23 2015


Tutorial: Features of L-INX 5.1 Release [LINX 5.1]

This video presents some features of the L-INX 5.1 Release.