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Product News

Friday, 15 April 2016

The Building Management Software LWEB-900 now additionally supports the following devices: 

  • the L-DALI controllers LDALI-3E101-U, LDALI-3E102-U, LDALI-3E104-U, LDALI-ME201-U, LDALI-ME204-U,
  • the L-ROC controllers LROC-101, LROC-400, LROC-401, LROC-402,
  • the LIOB-AIR controllers LIOB-AIR2, LIOB-AIR13,
  • and also the new  LIOB-586 controller.
Thursday, 23 July 2015


Tutorial: Features of L-INX 5.1 Release [LINX 5.1]

This video presents some features of the L-INX 5.1 Release. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

L-DALI Pushbutton CouplerWith the new L‑DALI pushbutton coupler LDALI‑BM1, customary light pushbuttons and switches can be integrated into a DALI channel. Together with the CEA-709/DALI or BACnet/DALI controllers, a compact control module with 4 free programmable switching inputs is available. Each input receives its own functions e.g. dim up, dim down, off, color temperature warmer/colder, independent of the switching behavior (short or long push of a button, toggle, button, or switch mode). 

Monday, 23 March 2015

L-DALI Multi-SensorAnother newcomer of the L‑DALI product family is the L‑DALI multi-sensor LDALI‑MS1 for motion detection and lux level measurements. With the built-in infrared receiver, lighting scenarios can be recalled via a remote control or lighting groups can be dimmed. The connection to DALI and the gateway connection to the respective building network (BACnet, LON) make sensor data also available to HVAC, sunblinds, etc. and enable synergies.