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Product News

Wednesday, January 28 2015

LIP-ME204The new LIP-ME204 BACnet Router is a multi-port MS/TP router that comes with two Ethernet ports and four MS/TP ports. Each of the four MS/TP ports is routed to BACnet/IP and can serve a full-blown MS/TP channel. Communication settings and MS/TP statistics are available on the Web interface per MS/TP port. Also the Wireshark packet capture is available on each port. This makes the LIP-ME204 a perfect alternative to installing four separate routers, reducing space and cost. The LIP-ME204 is also equipped with a built-in firewall and a secure Web interface. By configuring separate IP networks on the two Ethernet ports, the BACnet network can be entirely isolated. This makes security hardening a simple task. With the built-in OPC UA and SNMP servers, the LIP-ME204 integrates perfectly with management software such as LWEB-900 or IT maintenance tools. Together with the LWLAN-800 adapter, the LIP-ME204 can even distribute MS/TP channels over a wireless network.

Wednesday, November 26 2014
Friday, November 21 2014

EnOcean IntegrationLINX-120/121/220/221/150/151 Automation Servers and LGATE-950/951 Gateways, starting with firmware version 5.1, and also the LROC-100 Room Controllers provide connectivity to EnOcean sensors and actuators. After connecting a LENO-80x EnOcean Interface to the USB port of a L-INX/L-GATE/L-ROC, random EnOcean devices can be integrated and configured via the web interface of L-INX/L-GATE/L-ROC devices. In the web interface, the quality of the connection (signal strength) with the respective EnOcean devices is immediately indicated. The integrated "EnOcean data points" can be further processed in L-INX/L-GATE/L-ROC and/or be forwarded to the communication technologies (LON, BACnet, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus) that are available on the device. EnOcean devices with activated security are also supported. Sensors are monitored and in case of a failure, an alarm is triggered. For the different world regions, various EnOcean Interfaces with different frequencies are available: 

  • LENO-800: 868 MHz (Europe)
  • LENO-801: 902 MHz (USA, Canada)
  • LENO-802: 928 MHz (Japan)
Friday, November 21 2014

LWLAN-800LINX-120/121/220/221/150/151 Automation Servers and LGATE-950/951 Gateways, starting with firmware version 5.1, LROC-100 Room Controllers and also the new glass L-VIS Touch Panels and the future models LVIS-3ME12 and LVIS-3ME15 support WLAN according to the IEEE standard 802.11b/g/n. After connecting an LWLAN-800 Interface to the USB port of a L-INX/L-GATE/L-ROC/L-VIS, it is possible to connect it to an existing WLAN Access Point, create a WLAN Access Point, or build up a Mesh network according to the IEEE standard 802.11s. The relatively new and emerging standard for Mesh networks offers numerous advantages. A major benefit of a mesh network is its autonomy. Devices which are configured as mesh point devices unite autonomously to one network in which Mesh points communicate via other Mesh points. To encrypt a WLAN network, the encryption methods WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are available. The Mesh network is encrypted via simultaneous authentication of equals (SAE), comparable to WPA2.