Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon, Turkey, 2021 FR

Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon, Turkey, 2021 FRSolution: VAV, VPN

The integration of individual heating and cooling systems of 34 departments and 7 external faculties affiliated to Karadeniz Technical University into one BMS was the main goal of this massive retrofit project. Termmarket, LOYTEC Competence Center in Turkey, created a highly efficient solution with LOYTEC and is honored to win the tender of the Ministry of Energy in Turkey.  

Before the start of the project, buildings had local automatic control, but in order to detect and correct malfunctions of any kind the technical team had to drive to each building. This was particularly time and cost consuming if you take into account that external faculties are spread over an area of around 40 km.

Combining internal and external buildings on one LWEB-900 Server

18 of the internal departments, with individual access rights each, use independent boilers, cooling groups, heating/cooling pumps and air handling units. The control and monitoring of these units are handled via the LWEB-900 BMS server located in the heating center. The implemented solution ensures the report of entrance information, the collection of error messages and that each building is controlled based on a central scheduler. 

Zone and building visualizations of the internal departments are embedded on each control device (L-IOB I/O Controller). On top of that, all visualization graphics are also hosted on one central LWEB-900 BMS server. External faculty buildings which have their own boiler room and dedicated cooling groups, on the other hand, are connected to the BMS server via a VPN network. In addition, each external faculty has an LWEB-900 client PC with a VPN connection to the server.

7 external faculties implemented via VPN

  • Surmene Faculty of Marine Sciences is 38 km from the center to the campus.
  • Arsin Vocational School is 28 km from the center to the campus.
  • Arakli Vocational School is 42 km from the center to the campus.
  • Maçka Vocational School is 30 km from the central campus.
  • Of High Technology is 43 km from the central campus.
  • Surmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational School is 39 km from the central campus.
  • Trabzon Vocational School is 19 km away from the central campus.

All DDC and MCC cabinets were planned and made by Termmarket.


The customer is very pleased with the cost and energy savings achieved by integrating all boilers, cooling groups, heating/cooling pumps and air handling units in one BMS server. The heating center technical team can now instantly reach all integrated buildings via the LWEB-900 client software and immediately react to any operational changes. In addition, the new system contributes to improved well-being and higher work and learning efficiency for university staff and students.

  WhatsApp Image 2021 05 28 at 17.26.20 Panel test IMG 20210525 185612 placement of the internal faculties of the university LWEB900

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-IOB Controllers, L-IOB Modules, L-WEB

Location Trabzon, Turkey
Number of nodes 7892
Networking protocols IP
Partner Company Termmarket/İzmir, Termasist/Ankara
LOYTEC products 4x LIOB-588 I/O Controller
47x LIOB-589 I/O Controller
8x LIOB-100 I/O Modules
20x LIOB-101 I/O Modules
LOYTEC tools L-STUDIO 3.0 Tool Platform
LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System