Business Park Vienna, Austria, 2015

MR-TechThe great challenge for MR-Tech in the project Business Park Vienna was to use a technology for the tenant-specific improvements that both integrates existing components and systems and also guarantees interoperability.

For the area of tenant improvements and modifications, a transparent, tangible, and value added presentation of the building automation’s intelligence, both for the operator and the tenants, was the given task. The energy supply center was adapted after energetic optimization and integrated into the overall system.

The concept included the following requirements:

  • Sensors based on EnOcean as the dividing walls are made out of glass.
  • Actors on the basis of LonMark TP/FT-10 to adapt the flexible room usage to changed usage requirements with minimal effort.

The following subsystems had to be integrated in the concept: 

  • Lighting,
  • Sunblind control,
  • Cooling ceilings,
  • Convectors,
  • Energy supply,
  • Energy monitoring.

Without a comprehensive system integration and the consequent use of standardized communication protocols for interconnecting the individual systems, such a project couldn’t be implemented economically.

The Solution:

L-INX Automation Servers for integrating all Components

The field bus level was adapted and integrated on the basis of LOYTEC L-INX devices on the LonMark TP/FT-10 channel. Hereby, major advantages are the extremely short cycle times and the standardized communication protocols.

L-INX Automation Servers for the Integration into the Building Control Network

The L-INX has been configured as LON network participant. Of course, it is possible to fulfill user-dependent password settings superordinate through operational management. Thus, depending on the meaningfulness, certain functions are locked respectively are only made visible while not allowing any switching operations.

LWEB-803 as Graphical User Interface

The floor plan of the individual elements has been represented with LWEB-803 in a scaled way. By selecting the respective rooms, the user has the possibility to perform appropriate user settings.


Optimization of the human machine interface based on customary mobile devices and also energy efficiency, cost saving, and a valuable assessment with an eco-friendly design and mode of operation. 

adjusting LOYTEC devices Control Panel floor plan view

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-150/151 L-IP L-Switch LIOB I/O ModuleLIOB I/O ControllerLENO-800, LWEB-803

Location Vienna, Austria
Number of nodes  -
Topology LonMark TP/FT-10
Companies involved MR-Tech
LOYTEC Components           13 x L-IP,
13 x L-Switch,
7 x LINX-150,
1 x LINX-151,
8 x L-IOB I/O Module,
110 x L-IOB I/O Controller,
2 x LENO-800,
1 x LWEB-803,
5 x L-MBUS