RMZ Galleria, Bangalore, India, 2014

RMZ GalleriaRMZ is a leading developer, headquartered in Bangalore, South of India. RMZ is currently developing the mixed development project “Galleria” that includes a retail, office, and hotel block in Bangalore.

The built-up area of the premium shopping mall will cover about 800,000 square feet with shopping areas in the ground floor, first floor, and second floor. The third floor will house a state-of-the-art 5 screens multiplex. The area for offices and hotel will add up to 400,000 sq ft. RMZ Galleria will have three additional basements located below the lower ground floor for parking purposes and service areas. 

The BMS solution includes monitoring and controlling of chiller plants, AHUs (air handling units), and CSUs (ceiling-suspended units) over BACnet. Moreover, it is in charge of monitoring and controlling the ventilation and plumbing system. The BMS features lighting control over KNX, energy meters, diesel generators and also fire alarm integration over Modbus, and BTU meters over M-BUS.

The building has three control rooms. The Building Management System LWEB-900 will act as the core in all three developments. The system architecture includes LGATE-950, LINX-200, L-IOB I/O Controllers and I/O Modules, L-KNX, and L-MBUS which will be distributed throughout the project.

Altogether, the project includes 5,700 hardware and software input/output points. The estimated time of completion is the 2nd quarter of 2015. 

Interesting Facts

Devices: LGATE-950LINX-200LIOB-580LIOB-550, LIOB-551, LIOB-553LKNX-300L-MBUSLWEB-900

Location Bangalore, India
Number of Nodes -
Topology BACnet, LON, M-BUS, Modbus, KNX
Companies involved Venba Tech
LOYTEC Components    LGATE-950,
L-IOB I/O Controllers,
L-IOB I/O Modules,