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L-DALI: High-Bay IP66 Multi-Sensor



The LOYTEC LDALI-MS3 multi-sensor performs movement detection and measures the lux level. With a mounting height of 5 to 10 m, an IP66 protection and an operating temperature between -20 to +50 °C it is the perfect sensor for all midand high-bay applications and harsh environments. Typical use cases include all kinds of halls, factory floors, storage buildings, warehouses, garages, and outdoor applications. The LDALI-MS3 integrates perfectly into the L-DALI product line of lighting controllers and LROC-40x room automation controllers.

The sensor uses a passive infrared movement detector, which is optimized for detection of moving people. Its movement zone diameter ranges from 7 m at 5 m mounting height to 14 m at 10 m height. Included with each LDALI-MS3 there is a detection area cover, which can be used to reduce the detection area by 120°.

Communication and power supply is handled via the DALI bus. The LDALI-MS3 supports the DALI-2 protocol as defined in the IEC 62386 2014 standard and can be integrated into DALI-2 systems of other vendors.

PIR Erfassungsbereich ms3 catalog 2 01Shutter ms3 catalog 2 01
  h [m]d [m]A [m²]
5 7.0 38.6
6 8.4 55.4
7 9.8 75.4
8 11.2 98.5
9 12.6 124.7
10 14.0 153.9


L-DALI: High-Bay IP66 Multi-Sensor Products


High-bay IP66 multi-sensor (movement detection, lux sensor)

(Expected availability: Q3/2019)
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