NEW: Glass L-VIS Touch Panels

Glass L-VISLOYTEC presents the new glass L-VIS devices with 7” and 15” display that come with frameless glass front and capacitive touch. The glass surface provides a high-quality, modern appearance. The capacitive touch sensor allows for operation without any pressure on the surface. Glass fronts for 15" devices can be ordered in silver, black, and white. The 7" touch panels are available in silver and black. Discover here the LOYTEC glass L-VIS Touch Panels for LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks!

L-VIS タッチパネル for LonMark, BACnet, and Modbus networks

L-VIS Touch Panels forLonMark, BACnet and ModbusLonMark、BACnetおよびModbusネットワーク用のL‑VISタッチパネルは、ビルディングオートメーションにおけるさまざまなアプリケーションの視覚化および操作に理想的といえるほど適しています。