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Details for NIC - LOYTEC Network Interface Software 4.2.3

Name:NIC - LOYTEC Network Interface Software 4.2.3

The Network Interface Software consists of: NIC device drivers (NIC709-IP1E100, NIC709-IP3E100, NIC709-IP1E100C, NIC709-IP3E100C, NIC709-PCI100, NIC709-USB100 as well as discontinued products NIC709-PP, NIC709-IP1E, NIC709-IP3E,...) Support of all LOYTEC devices with RNI (Remote Network Interface), i.e. LINX-1x0, LROC-1x0, LVIS-3E1xx, LVIS-100-RE, LGATE-950 (the character x represents any number) LOYTEC Configuration Tool (L-Config) Development environment (binaries for ORION Stack applications) on Windows XP or higher, Server 2003 or higher (32- and 64-bit); and Linux with 2.6 Kernel Support of MIP/LDV and LNS/VNI. LNS applications require OpenLDV™ Version 3.4 or higher to work correctly with LOYTEC Network Interfaces. Please also update your LPA and LSD software. To install the NIC Software, please follow the instructions in the Readme file.

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Created On: 2017-12-22 07:43