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L‑SMI Standard Motor Interface



SMI is the acronym for Standard Motor Interface. SMI is a bus protocol used to control SMI sunblind motors for shading. Up to 16 motors can be connected to the bus. The L-SMI interface connects an SMI bus to a L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑DALI controller. Two SMI interface models are available.

The LSMI-800 connects a single SMI channel with up to 16 SMI motors to the EXT port of the L‑INX or L‑ROC controller. The bus power for the SMI bus is provided by the LSMI-800 interface but it is not galvanically isolated. Only SMI high voltage motors may be connected to the LSMI-800 interface.

The LSMI-804 connects up to four SMI channels with up to 64 SMI motors to the USB port of the L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑DALI controller. A galvanically isolated bus power for the SMI bus is provided by the LSMI-804 interface. Hence SMI high voltage or SMI low voltage motors may be connected to the LSMI-804 interfaces but high voltage and low voltage motors must not be mixed on one LSMI-804 interface. In addition to the four SMI bus channels, the LSMI-804 offers four relays controlled by the L‑INX, L‑ROC, or L‑DALI controller. Each relay can be used to cut power for the SMI motors on one channel if the motors are standing still. Cutting power when the motors are not moving reduces power consumption for SMI sunblind installations by more than 140 kWh per year for every channel.


L‑SMI Standard Motor Interface Products

LSMI-800Standard Motor Interface for 16 motors via EXT port
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LSMI-804Standard Motor Interface for 64 motors, 4 SMI channels via USB
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  • SMI Interface for L‑INX, L‑ROC, and L‑IOB Controller
  • Configuration through web interface
  • Calibration of the blind drives via web interface
  • Up to 16 blind drives per SMI port
  • Supports Standard Motor Interface, SMI bus systems according to Standard Motor Interface e.V.
  • Easy device replacement


Type LSMI‑800 LSMI‑804
Dimensions (mm) 55 x 100 x 60 (L x W x H) 107 x 100 x 60 (L x W x H)

DIN rail mounting following DIN 43880, top hat rail EN 50022

Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz, max 2 W  85-240 V AC, 50/‌60 Hz, max 2 W
Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, non condensing, degree of protection: IP40, IP20 (terminals)
Installation Connected with a 3-wire cable, max. 1 m Connected with a standard USB 2.0 cable, max. 1 m

1 x EXT

1 x SMI (Standard Motor Interface)

1 x Mini USB 2.0 Type B

4 x SMI (Standard Motor Interface)

Digital Output (DO) - 4 x Relay, 10 A
Tools Configuration via web interface 
For use with L‑INX Automation Servers, L‑ROC Room Controllers, L‑IOB Controllers, L-DALI Controllers