LDALI-RM8 Relay Module




  • Easy integration into LOYTEC L‑DALI lighting systems and LROC‑40x room automation controllers
  • Device configuration with the free LINX-Configurator or via the built‑in web server of the L‑DALI controller
  • Programmable switching outputs for standard loads in the power grid
  • Relay contact switching voltage: 120 – 277 V AC
  • Suitable for loads with high inrush currents
  • Up to 8 LDALI‑RM8 modules per DALI channel
  • Supplied via 85 – 240 V AC or 24 V DC ±10 %
  • Potential‑free, bi‑stable relay make contact
  • Relay contacts connectable with different phases
  • DALI specification IEC 62386‑208 (Device Type 7 – Switching Function) supported
  • DALI-2 certified
  • Configurable relay positions in case of DALI line outage
  • Relays keep their state in case of power loss
  • Manual switches on device for indication and manual override
  • Digital inputs forcing the corresponding relays to switch on (override, status can be queried)
  • Firmware update over DALI