LOYTEC Support Tech Talk #7 - Modbus RTU

Although Modbus has already celebrated its 40th birthday, the protocol is still very popular due to its simple structure. Modbus is a de facto standard. The various manufacturers do not always agree on the design and implementation of the protocol. This is why there are always challenges when configuring Modbus devices, and error-free communication can often only be achieved with a little experimentation.

In this episode of LSTT, we focus on configuration and troubleshooting on Modbus RTU channels. Based on typical Modbus register documentation, we show how you can most efficiently establish a connection to Modbus master devices with LOYTEC devices. However, should communication problems arise, LOYTEC devices provide extensive statistical functions and an integrated protocol analyzer for diagnostics. Our support team explains how to interpret this information in order to quickly track down the most common errors.

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