R+V Insurance, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2010

rv_insurance_250x166.jpgR+V insurance is one of the largest insurance groups in Germany. 2010, at the companies site in Wiesbaden (Germany) the room automation of the representation floor and the company canteen as well as the control technology for central ventilation and refrigerating systems were renewed. With CEA-709 in room automation and BACnet for primary plants two standardized communication protocols have been used, which are seamlessly connected by the LOYTEC CEA-709/BACnet gateway LGATE-900. The combination of LINX-200 Automation Servers and the LWEB-800 visualization software has been chosen to visualize the system technology. More than 300 customized graphic pages visualize the processes, trend curves, or provide access to time schedulers. Infrastructure components such as the CEA-709/IP Router L-IP ensure a secure communication between the CEA-709 nodes in room automation.

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-200, LGATE-900, L-IP Router, LWEB-803

Location Wiesbaden, Germany
Number of Nodes
Topology CEA-709 for room automation
BACnet for primary plants
Companies involved
LOYTEC Components
LGATE-900 Gateway CEA-709 / BACnet
LINX-200 Automation Servers
LIP-3ECTB Routers
LIP-33ECTB Routers
L-WEB System - LWEB-800 Visualization