LOYTEC Support Tech Talk #10 - BACnet MS/TP (in English language)


LSTT #10 - BACnet MS/TP (in English language) - Wednesday, 23.03.2022

Here you can catch up on the recording (YouTube).

BACnet MS/TP is the counterpart to BACnet IP, based on RS-485. Although the protocol is now showing its age, it is still widely used today. Despite all efforts towards standardization (BTL tests, BTL listing, AMEV, ...), communication problems can still arise when devices from different manufacturers interact.

In the Tech Talk, we use the built-in statistics counter and protocol analyzer to show how the BACnet MS/TP configuration parameters affect the overall communication on the one hand and how issues can be identified and rectified on the other.


00:00 Intro
00:15 Links
01:00 Content
01:41 Wiring and communication parameters
04:25 Token Passing, BACnet MS/TP statistics and Wireshark
07:27 Wireshark
10:07 Examples
12:20 BACnet MS/TP to BACnet IP
19:58 Conclusion
20:34 Discussion

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