Continente Hypermarket, Matosinhos, Portugal, 2015

Continente Hypermarket, MatosinhosContinente is a hypermarket that belongs to the Sonae Distribution. It was the first hypermarket chain in Portugal (the first market opened in 1985 in Matosinhos), and still remains today as a reference in the food retail sector in the country. Its stores are mostly located in large shopping centers in major Portuguese cities, however, there are plenty of shops with their own space located outside shopping centers. In total, the chain owns about 169 stores in Portugal.

Late last year, the store in Matosinhos began the first phase of a major refurbishment that was only completed in the first quarter of 2015. The market is now the second store with LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

The existing buildings management system was completely replaced. RACE implemented a completely new system using the latest technology of LOYTEC. This system was implemented in order to give the store the ability to monitor simultaneously over 1,500 process variables on the network controllers.

Hypermarket ContinenteThe project was designed to help managers of the enterprise at various levels of intervention:

  • Trust and security in decisions
  • Flexibility and operation transparency
  • Ease in the changes and refurbishments
  • Help the management of maintenance
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Ease of learning and operation

The solution integrates the following systems:

  • Control of the smoke extraction system
  • Centers production and distribution of hot and cold water
  • Integration of the climate control system via Modbus
  • Control of the ventilation system
  • Control of the cooling system with the integration Lon
  • Control of the Lighting
  • Energy and water metering  and reports
  • Monitoring of pumping water systems
  • Monitoring of power distribution blocks and generator groups 
Control of Ventilation    Production and distribution of hot water    monitoring of energy consumption


Interesting Facts

Location Matosinhos, Portugal 

Number of Nodes 140

Topology BACNET MS/TP, Lonworks FT10, IP network, Modbus RTU, M-Bus

Companies involved RACE,  Sonae MC 

LOYTEC Components         2 x LINX-220, 4 x LINX-210, 1 x LINX-120, 3 x LINX-110, 33 x LIOB-151, 28 x LIOB-152,  1 x L-MBUS