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  • Online CEA‑709.1 packet monitoring in LonMark Systems
  • Packet interpretation down to bit-level
  • High resolution packet time-stamping
  • Advanced, context specific packet filter and converter manipulation
  • Conversion of network addresses and variables into symbolic names
  • dvanced Transaction Identification
  • Integrated Node Statistics for all detected domains, subnets, nodes, and groups
  • Extensive packet statistics (short packets, CRC errors, packets/‌s, etc.)
  • Statistic report function including hints and tips for solving network problems
  • Statistic report plug-in interface for localization or customization of the statistic report
  • Trend Logging for bandwidth utilization and packet errors
  • LNS® database interpretation
  • Interpretation of SNVTs, network management, and diagnostic messages
  • Displays SNVTs in ISO and Imperial US system
  • Long-term packet recording capability and error tracking in packets with protocol errors
  • Remote LPA function (needs LPA‑IP, LPA-SET-USB or LPA‑IP-SW plus NIC852) with L-IP, NIC709-IP, LVIS‑3E100, LVIS‑3ME7‑Gx, LVIS‑3ME12‑Ax, LVIS‑3ME15‑Ax, LVIS‑3ME15‑Gx, LINX‑10x, LINX‑11x, LINX‑12x, LINX‑15x, LROC‑10x, LGATE‑902, LGATE‑95x