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Video: Features der LWEB-900 2.0 Release

LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System




  • Displays customized graphical pages with dynamic content
  • Multi-browser support (web access) Alarming from different sources, and time- and eventbased forwarding via e-mail to several recipients
  • Hierarchical organization of calendar and scheduler parameters across multiple devices and within the LWEB‑900 Server
  • Presentation of trend data in the form of charts or tables
  • Structured representation and efficient adaptation of system and operating parameters (Parameter View)
  • Fast and system-wide access to real time data
  • Supports Global Connections
  • SQL data base server
  • Manages multiple users and access rights via ACL
  • Reporting module to generate reports from trend logs using templates
  • Configuration software for LOYTEC hardware can be directly started within the LWEB‑900 user interface
  • Automatic, periodic device backup and easy recovery of the device configuration for a device replacement
  • Checks if firmware updates are available (Internet connection required) and displays devices with outdated firmware
  • Download of the latest firmware for a defined group of devices
  • Uses web services for communication (OPC XML‑DA, SOAP/ XML)
  • Easy communication across firewalls and NAT routers on the Intranet and Internet
  • Import/Export of trend logs and identification keys schema
  • BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)
  • Watch View allows observing data points in real time
  • Integration of Web cams
  • Multi-site support