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LIOB-585 - Video

LIOB-585 I/O Controller

liob 585 button




Dimensions in mm [inch]



107x100x75 catalog liob 585 dimensions


General Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 107 x 100 x 75 (L x W x H)
Installation DIN rail mounting following DIN 43880, top hat rail EN 50022
Operating conditions 0 °C to 50 °C, 10 – 90 % RH, non condensing, degree of protection: IP40, IP20 (terminals)
Power supply 24 V DC / 24 V AC ±10 % via L‑POW, or with an external power supply
Program cycle time Down to 10 ms

2 x Ethernet (100Base-T):
Web services (OPC XML‑DA, OPC UA), LonMark IP‑852, BACnet/‌IP**, Modbus TCP (Master or Slave), HTTP, FTP, SSH, HTTPS, Firewall, VNC, SNMP
2 x USB-A:
WLAN (needs LWLAN‑800), EnOcean (needs LENO‑80x), LTE (needs LTE-800)

1 x RS‑485 (ANSI TIA/‌EIA‑485):
BACnet MS/‌TP**
Modbus RTU/ASCII (Master or Slave)
L-STAT Room Operator Panels

1 x MP-Bus

**Router between BACnet/‌IP and BACnet MS/‌TP

Resource limits   
Total number of data points
10 000 LonMark Calendars 1 (25 calendar patterns)
OPC data points 1 000 LonMark Schedulers 10
BACnet objects 500 (analog, binary, multi-state) LonMark Alarm Servers 1
BACnet client mappings 500 E-mail templates 50
BACnet calendar objects 25 Math objects 50
BACnet scheduler objects 10 (64 data points per object) Alarm logs 10
BACnet notification classes 32 Modbus data points 300
Trend logs (BACnet or generic) 256 (4 000 000 entries, ≈ 60 MB) Connections (Local / Global)  500 / 100
Total trended data points 256 Number of L‑WEB clients 32 (simultaneously)
CEA‑709 network variables (NVs) 500 L-STAT Network Thermostats 8
CEA‑709 Alias NVs 500 EnOcean devices 10
CEA‑709 External NVs (polling) 500 EnOcean data points 100
CEA‑709 address table entries 256 (non-ECS mode: 15)    
L-STUDIO 3.0 licences
Type LIOB‑585
Programming, Tools

L-STUDIO software (IEC 61131‑3 or IEC 61499), L-INX Configurator


L‑STUDIO: included
L-LOGICAD: included

Type LIOB-585
Power consumption 4.5 W
Universal Input (UI) 6
Digital Input (DI) -
Analog Output (AO) 2
Digital Output (DO)

5 (5 x Triac 0.5 A)

Digital output specification

Please refer to the “General Input and Output Specification of LOYTEC devices” for more details.

Differential Pressure Sensor 0–500 Pa