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L-ENO EnOcean Interface

LENO 800



  • EnOcean Interface for L‑INX, L‑ROC, LIOB‑AIR, L‑GATE and L‑DALI
  • Supports all common EnOcean Profiles (EEPs) for sensors and actuators
  • Configurable through device templates supplied by the L-INX Configurator software
  • Web UI for Teach-In, signal strength, and value test
  • Easy device replacement
  • External antenna included
  • Connected to the L‑INX Automation Server, L‑ROC Room Controller, LIOB-AIR Controllers, L-DALI Controllers or L‑GATE Gateway via USB 2.0
  • Support of multi-channel EnOcean devices
  • Encrypted wireless connection if the EnOcean device supports this function
  • Supports Mailbox function for sleepy actuators (e.g., battery-powered radiator valve)