L-DALI: Pushbutton Coupler

LDALI BM2 dali2


The LDALI‑BM2 pushbutton coupler integrates up to four customary light push buttons and switches into a DALI channel. Alternatively, two of the four inputs can be used as analog inputs to connect devices like sliders, dials or even resistance based sensors like NTC temperature sensors.

Connected pushbuttons or switches can be used to control luminaires and sunblinds using L-DALI lighting controllers or L-ROC room automation controllers. The following functions are available:

  • Dim up, dim down
  • Off
  • On with last dimming value
  • Scene recall: 1–15
  • Dim to a specified value in %
  • Color temperature warmer/colder
  • Activate auto mode
  • Move Sunblind up/down
  • Set area Occupied/Unoccupied

In the mode toggle, the function is carried out depending on the lighting status (toggle switch). Communication and power supply is handled via the DALI bus. The LDALI-BM2 is a DALI-2 certified input device as defined in the IEC 62386 2014 standard and can be integrated into DALI-2 systems of other vendors.

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Quadruple DALI pushbutton coupler

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