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Training goal

The training participant is able to perform typical automation tasks of building automation, e.g. controlling ventilation systems or heating circuits using L-INX controllers and L-IOB I/O modules.

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Target group

System integrators, plant programmers


  • Introduction into the L-STUDIO Software
  • Concepts and structure of the IEC 61131 and IEC 61499 language
  • Creating function logic with data points and graphical systems
  • Working with function blocks, device types and resources
  • Testing and debugging of the system
  • Configuration of schedulers, alarms, and trends
  • Deploying of logic and graphical projects
  • Contents of the LOYTEC building automation library *
  • Working with the LOYTEC building automation library

Requirements (please also see our online PRE-training)

  • Knowledge of the set-up and function of HVAC systems (ventilations system, heating control systems...)
  • Basic knowledge of PLC programming
  • Basic knowledge of bus systems in building automation (LON, BACnet, Modbus …)
  • Knowledge of the LOYTEC data point concept and the configuration of I/O modules (L-INX Configurator)
  • After registering for the training, you will receive a link to our free online training for specific content preparation. This will enable you to acquire essential LOYTEC knowledge (data point concept, L-INX / L-VIS Configurator, etc.).

During the first two days of the training you will learn about the concepts and how to use the software.On day three - a “workshop and exam” day - you will have to implement a control system based on the learned material from day 1 and 2.

Events for LTRAIN-LSTUDIO Trainings

LOYTEC Headquarters in Vienna, Austria  —  Blumengasse 35, 1170 Vienna, Austria

2022年09月14日(水) – 2022年09月15日(木)


2022年10月18日(火) – 2022年10月19日(水)


Maintal, Germany  —  Robert-Bosch-Strasse 11, 63477 Maintal, Germany

2022年09月27日(火) – 2022年09月28日(水)


2022年11月09日(水) – 2022年11月10日(木)


2022年11月23日(水) – 2022年11月24日(木)


2022年12月14日(水) – 2022年12月15日(木)


Online Training  —  Online Training

2022年11月16日(水) – 2022年11月17日(木)