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Delta EMEA Headquarters in Hoofdorp, Netherlands, 2017

delta emea headquarter hoofdorp

The renovation and upgrade of the existing office building in Hoofdorp transforms the Delta EMEA Headquarters into a modern working environment. The result is a representative green building which is capable of achieving up to 45 percent expected energy savings and has recently received the BREEAM certificate.

Multiple techniques are integrated into the Delta EMEA headquarters which aim at improving user comfort and energy savings: Delta Energy Online platform, renewable energy solutions with a 58.24 kW solar supported by Delta’s PV inverters, BMCS, and LED Lighting Solution have been implemented.

Building Management and Control System (BMCS)

This smart building automation platform is based on technologies developed by LOYTEC electronics. This advanced cloud-ready platform is compatible with all open communication protocols available now in building control, thus, enabling a highly effective, cost-efficient and eco-friendly management of the entire building. All sub-systems installed for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), lighting, room climate control, power generation and energy storage are linked and managed by Delta's BMCS.

LED Lighting Solution

High-efficiency LED lighting products, smart sensors, actuators as well as LOYTEC's DALI lighting system are integrated as an intelligent building automation platform that creates a smart lighting system. Visual comfort and energy savings are both accomplished by constant light control with user presence and lux level detection. Thus, dimming function takes into account ambient natural lighting.

This case study demonstrates that it is possible to transform existing builings into highly sustainable ones. With the BREEAM certificate, the opening event in April 2017 was embellished perfectly. The BREEAM rating “very good” is an independent proof of the sustainability and quality of a building. 

delta emea headquarter hoofdorp 2 delta emea headquarter hoofdorp 3delta emea headquarter hoofdorp 2017


Interesting Facts


Hoofdorp, Netherlands

Number of Nodes




Companies involved

LOYTEC Competence Partner: Numan & Kant
LOYTEC Competence Center: Vedotec B.V.

LOYTEC Componments               

12x LROC-100 Room Controller
28x LIOB-152 I/O Modules
12x LDALI-E101-U Controller
168x LDALI-MS1 Multi-Sensor
3x LDALI-3E102 Controller
3x LDALI-PWR2-U Power Supply
86x LIOB-152 I/O Modules
5x LVIS-ME212 Touch Panels
5x LVIS-FRAME12 Mounting Frame
1x LVIS-3ME15-G1 Touch Panel
1x LVIS-FRAME 15 Mounting Frame
1x LWAN-800 Wireless LAN Interface
1x LINX-112 Automation Server


LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System
L-STUDIO Tool Platform
L-LOGICAD Software
L-INX Configurator
L-VIS Configurator