Iberdrola Tower, Bilbao, Spain, 2011

394_clientgIberdrola tower is situated in Bilbao, the biggest city of the Basque country, in the North of Spain. The concrete, steel and glass giant is 165 m (541 ft) high, consists of 41 floors and comprises a total of 50 000 square meters. Construction started in 2007 and was finished in 2011. The tower is the tallest building in the whole Basque country. The huge business center is designed as sustainable “green building” and gained a LEED CS 2.0 certification.

20 000 DALI luminaries - standard as well as emergency - and 5 000 automated sun blinds are controlled via 70 L-DALI Controllers and 35 LINX-110 Automation Servers. The challenge was that standard DALI luminaries and emergency luminaries are on the same DALI channel, so that one DALI Controller has to manage both kinds of luminaries at the same time.

Each floor contains up to 500 luminaries. Monitoring and control of standard lights comprises automatic and manual light level adjustment, time depending profiles like occupancy, cleaning and night keeping, alarms on lamp or ballast failures and running hours. Monitoring and control of emergency lights consists of lamp value and state control, running hours in normal and emergency mode, alarms on lamp or ballast failures, battery charge status and battery failure, automatic and manual execution of function and duration tests. The benefits of monitoring the emergency lights lie in improvements of maintenance regarding battery replacement and lamp failure alarms, automatic and manual test performance and control of lamp mode state.

Iberdrola tower clearly shows that combined DALI lighting control for standard and emergency lights is feasible in a very efficient and energy-conscious way with L-DALI. Moreover global BMS control is enabled through the applications IP channel.



Interesting Facts

Devices: L-DALI, LINX-110

Location Bilbao, Spain
Number of Nodes
Topology CEA-709/IP-852
Companies involved
LOYTEC Components 70 L-DALI Controllers, 35 LINX-110 Automation Servers