Fire Directorate, Kuwait, 2015

Kuwait Fire DirectorateThe Kuwait fire directorate is Kuwait’s first building that is considered to be a smart and green building. The building was automated by the LOYTEC Competence Partner AHMED ISHAQ CO. using LOYTEC components. This made the entire automation project easy and effective and delivered satisfying results for the building owner.

In the project, BACNet/IP is used for the management system for electrical and mechanical systems. For the lighting control in meeting and training rooms, LON L-DALI controllers are deployed.

Electrical and low voltage system

  • Monitoring of the distribution panels showing the status as ON/OFF/TRIP through LIOB I/O modules,
  • Monitoring and controlling of the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) by the building management work station through LWEB-900,
  • Monitoring and controlling of the lighting control system through LWEB-900,
  • Connecting the fire alarm system through Modbus using LINX-151,
  • Connecting elevators through BACnet MS/TP: The status of the elevators, their current position, and any possible errors will be shown in the building management work station,
  • Monitoring of the car parking system (showing the status as open or closed),
  • Controlling of the lighting system: The lights will be switched off according to the scheduler for holidays and weekends. The system can be manually override by the operator in the control room.
  • All pumps and valves are connected with the LWEB-900 building management system through L-IOB I/O modules. The current status of the pumps, whether ON/OFF/TRIP, all in- and out-flows, and any possible errors in the case that the pump is not working properly will be monitored via BACnet MS/TP. The water tanks are monitored by means of ultrasonic level sensors connected to LIOB I/O modules with 4-20 ma. Air-conditioning is integrated through BACnet/IP using LWEB-900. Graphical user interfaces are available to prepare the data for the operator.

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-151, LIOB-550LPOW-2415A, LPOW2415-B, LDALI-PWR2-ULDALI-E101-U, LDALI-3E102LWEB-900

Location Kuwait
Number of Nodes -
Topology LON, BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP
Companies involved AHMED ISAQ CO.
LOYTEC Components 1 x LINX-151,
24 x LIOB-550,
20 x LPOW-2415A,
7 x LPOW2415B,
7 x LDALI-E101-U,
5 x  LDALI-3E102