Camões Building, Porto, Portugal, 2014

Camões BuildingThe Camões Building is used as headquarters of the Court of Criminal Investigation (ICT) and the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP). In addition, other legal authorities of Porto will possibly be accommodated in the building.

The building consists of three interconnected blocks and has a total area of 14,802 m² on 11 floors. The project comprises the refurbishment of the building including maintenance and conservation work. The LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE implemented the project with LOYTEC equipment. The integral solution includes the following features:

  • Control of the smoke extraction system
  • Central production and distribution of hot and cold water
  • Integration of the climate control system via Modbus
  • Control of the ventilation system
  • Integration of an air conditioning control of office rooms and open spaces via BACnet MS/TP
  • Thermal and electrical energy metering and reports
  • Lighting Control

Visualization: Central hot and cold water production Visualization of the 7th floor

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-220LINX-210LINX-110LIOB-150, LIOB-151, LIOB-152LIOB-100, LIOB-101L-MBUS

Location Porto, Portugal 
Number of Nodes 186
Topology BACNET MS/TP, Lonworks FT10, IP network, Modbus RTU, M-Bus
Companies involved RACE, Ferreira Build Power, CGD, Ministério da Justiça
LOYTEC Components    1 x LINX-220, 5 x LINX-210, 1 x LINX-110, 5 x LIOB-150, 9 x LIOB-151, 6 x LIOB-152, 4 x LIOB-100, 4 x LIOB-101, 1x L-MBUS