Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, 2020

Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, 2020The congress and culture center is equipped with an auditorium, two conference halls, three seminar halls, a multipurpose hall, a hotel, three cafeterias, a shop, a museum and a spa area. Kayseri is a historical city in the center of Turkey holding one of Anatolia’s most magnificent attractions: the Erciyes mountain.

One of the biggest LOYTEC projects in Turkey

The building consists of lots of different areas with different requirements for the primary control systems. As a result, there was a need to integrate and control air handling units, pumps, heat recovery devices, rooftop units, chiller groups and boilers. Boilers, pumps, air handling units and chillers were integrated via BACnet, whilst the rooftop units and the heat recovery devices were integrated via Modbus.

Integration of 134 Primary Systems

Nine main control cabinets with LOYTEC L-INX Automation Servers, L-IOB I/O Controllers and L-IOB I/O Modules inside control all primary systems. Termmarket, LOYTEC Competence Center in Turkey, built the control cabinets and the power panels. Termmarket also assembled field devices like pressure sensors, flow sensors, valves, motors and similar products. The project was realized within eight weeks and is based on LOYTEC's building automation library. In total 134 primary systems like VSDs by Danfoss, chiller units by York, rooftop units by Lennox, booster pumps by Grundfos and a water treatment system by Aquamatch with more than 8500 data points have been successfully integrated.


Despite the complexity of the project Termmarket completed the integration of the primary systems with ease. The L-STUDIO 3.0 tool platform and the building automation library of LOYTEC made it possible to finish the project in time.

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Interesting Facts

Devices: L-INX Automation Servers, L-IOB Controllers, L-IOB Modules, L-MBUS

Location Kayseri, Turkey
Number of nodes 207 nodes, 8626 data points
Networking protocols BACnet IP, Modbus RTU
Partner Company Termmarket
LOYTEC products 5x LINX-215 Automation Servers
6x LINX-154 Automation Servers
1x LIOB-586 I/O Controller
3x LIOB-589 I/O Controller
4x LIOB-100 I/O Modules
10x LIOB-101 I/O Modules
1x LIOB-102 I/O Modules
1x LIOB-103 I/O Modules
4x LIOB-A4 L-IOB Adapters
2x LIOB-A5 L-IOB Adapters
5x LIOB-550 I/O Modules
26x LIOB-551 I/O Modules
4x LIOB-553 I/O Modules
5x LIOB-554 I/O Modules
2x L-MBUS20 Level Converter
LOYTEC tools  L-STUDIO 3.0 Tool Platform