The Hub, IT Office Building, Bangalore, India 2017

The Hub, IT Office Building, Bangalore, India 2017Brillio is a global technology consulting and business solutions company focused on digital technologies and big data analytics. In Bangalore Brillio has its IT office in the five floor building called "The Hub" which sucessfully implemented the VAV solution. Taking into account the average temperature in Bangalore of about 30 °C throughout the year, there is a great need for cooling down the working environment to increase productivity and add comfort. The reliable LOYTEC building management software LWEB-900 was the first choice.

The solution implemented on 4th and 5th Floor takes into account monitoring energy meter data, controlling and monitoring AHU,VFD & VAV’s.

VAV integration is handled via BACnet TCP/IP. LOYTEC LIOB-551 and LIOB-553 I/O Modules provide data to the LINX-212 Automation Server. Energy meter integration and AHU VFD integration are using Modbus TCP/IP.

Air handling units are installed on the 4th floor and two AHU on the 5th floor. The visualization for the VAV on the 4th floor provides an overview on current damper positions or temperature set points of the AHU used (see figure 2 for more details). For example the set points for the meeting rooms are different compared to those for battery room or work station. The AHU summary shows details for the three motors equipped in the 4th and 5th floor. Set points are configured according to the specific requirements of the room.

Figure 2: LWEB-900 visualization Brillio IT Office Building, Visualization Brillio IT Office Building, Visualization

Interesting Facts

Devices: LINX-212LIOB-551LIOB-553, LWEB-900

Location Bangalore, India
Number of Nodes -
Topology -
Companies involved System Integrator STECH Automation Pvt Ltd
LOYTEC Componments 2x LINX-212 Automation Server
3x LIOB-551 I/O Module
3x LIOB-553 I/O Module
LOYTEC Tools LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System