Langestraße 100, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2016

Baden-Baden Langestraße 100 in Germany is a newly built 5-star rated design hotel with 130 spacious rooms and suites, a state-of-the-art medical center with 15 medical specialists, an apartment building with 16 flats and a two-storey underground garage with 200 parking spaces.

Close to the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, Germany’s largest opera and concert house, a group of buildings is being developed with a five-star hotel as the central element. It is arranged at a forecourt which is planned to be used for summer gastronomy as well as events before and after performances in the Festspielhaus. The tenant of this new hotel is the well-known group of operators of the internationally celebrated “Roomers” design hotel in Frankfurt. In 2010 “Roomers” in Frankfurt won the “hotel property award of the year”.

LOYTEC’s room automation solution combines the use of room controllers, I/O modules, and KNX interfaces (LROC-100 Room Controllers, LIOB-100 I/O Modules, and LKNX-300). So each hotel room has an automation system that can interact with other building systems, the booking system and the hospitality software via BACnet/IP. This solution was chosen for its open programmability and multiple interface support for Ethernet, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, LON, Modbus RTU, KNX.

LOYTEC’s powerful gateways installed on each floor of the building complex is in charge of communication with the Langestrasse 100 building management system (BMS) for monitoring and control of individual lights, roller blinds, heating, cooling, ventilation, and audio. In addition, the BMS handles and visualizes maintenance messages and warnings. The required OPC is handled by the LOYTEC Gateway at each floor to accumulate the data provided by the L-ROC Room Controllers.

Whenever a guest checks in, scenarios are activated and make energy savings possible. Via the OPC, the BMS provides the occupancy status to the room controllers, which can communicate to the L-STAT Network Thermostat, and displays the status of occupied or unoccupied. In addition, an L-VIS Touch Panel is configured to control the building complex and provide an alternative for controlling and visualizing the building. KNX system integration was one of the most important reasons why LOYTEC devices were selected for the Langestrasse 100 project. When the L-ROC room controller processes incoming messages from KNX sensors, considerable energy savings are possible. For example, when a guest checks in, a welcome mode activates a predefined dimmed lighting mode, audio mode, and air conditioning is started, and then opens the roller shutter for optimizing guest comfort. In addition, the L-STAT network thermostat shows the symbol „occupied“. When the guest checks out, an unoccupied scenario is activated, which guarantees that energy is only used when actually needed!

A main goal of the new “Roomers” in Baden-Baden is to offer the most comfortable place for customers of the hotel and the restaurant, to provide a luxurious lifestyle and relaxation at an international level. The well-known Italian designer Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati) implemented the interior visions of the investor as well as of the operator.

F.B. Wagener, constructor and investor, intends to realize a project that fits into Baden-Baden and the surrounding districts of the Festspielhaus. The area emphasizes a favorable development of the district and wants to provide enriching ideas to the town as a whole.

Bebauung Langestraße 100 Bar

Interesting Facts


Location Baden-Baden, Germany
Number of nodes 1000
Topology OPC UA, BACnet® IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DALI, KNX IP, KNX TP, M-Bus
Companies involved LOYTEC Competence Partner: PGA Gesellschaft für Prozess- und Gebäudeautomatisierungstechnik mbH
Building owner: Lange Straße 100 GmbH & Co. KG
Project controllers: PrOBau Gesellschaft für Projektorganisation im Bauwesen mbH
Architects: Architecture office KHP in Baden-Baden
Architecture Interior-Design: Piero Lissoni of Lissoni Associati
Specialist planning technical building equipment: KW2 engineers
Engineering partnership, Rappenstraße 13, 76227 Karlsruhe
LOYTEC Components                141 x LROC-100 Room Controller
17 x LROC-102 Room Controller
3 x LGATE-951 Universal Gateway
135 x LSTAT-800-G3-L2 Network Thermostat
260 x LIOB-100 I/O Module
65 x LIOB-102 I/O Module
138 x LIOB-103 I/O Module
25 x LPOW-2415B Power Supply
62 x LIOB-A4 L-IOB Adapter
11 x LIOB-A5 L-IOB Adapter
6 x LDALI-PWR4-U DALI Power Supply 
6 x LDALI-ME204-U BACnet DALI Controller
140 x LKNX-300 KNX Interface
6 x LVIS-3ME15-G2 Touch Panel
LOYTEC Tools L-STUDIO Tool Platform
LWEB-900 Integrated Building Management System
L-VIS Configurator