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Bouygues Headquarters, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 2011

02Bouygues’ new headquarters building is the first Green Building all over Turkmenistan. Based in the capital Ashgabat, Bouygues Turkmen (BTK) is a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, a French construction company.

The entity wished to build its new head office itself because the building should become an example for the integration of environmental best practices for the whole country. The building is not only owned and built but also designed by BTK, mostly by BTKs employees like architects, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers and constructors.

The office building is 24 meters high, consisting of basement and 5 floors with a total footprint around 21500 sf. The construction of a new head office was an opportunity for Bouygues Turkmen to show its commitment to sustainable construction and to create an environmentally friendly building used as a model in Turkmenistan. The project aims to achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification. The building was ready for occupancy in October, 2011.


03Lighting and Electrical systems

Light management is set in order to reduce energy and light pollution by several means. Interior light saves electricity by reducing lighting time. To do so, the lighting strategy is based on presence sensors in meeting and sanitary rooms and daylight sensors in open spaces. Besides, to minimize needed power, each desk has an individual office lamp with dimming function to provide appropriate luminosity according to the users needs. Ceiling light is then used only to ensure minimum brightness for circulation zones at 200 lux.
A building management system centralizes metering of real time water and energy consumption (heating, cooling, ventilation, lifts, lighting) enabling to detect unusual consumption. The Building management system is programmed to monitor ventilation rates, CO2 measures, lighting and alarms.




Interesting Facts


Location Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Number of Nodes

Topology CEA-709/IP-852

Companies involved
BTK Bouygues Turkmen

LOYTEC Components

5 x LDALI-3E104 (CEA-709/DALI Controller), 20 x LDALI-PWR1230, 6 x LPOW-2415B, 1 x LVIS-3E112, 1 x LIP-3333ECTB