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Continente Hypermarket, Braga Nova Arcada, Portugal, 2016

Continente Hypermarket, Braga Nova ArcadaContinente is a hypermarket chain that belongs to the Sonae Distribution. The new Continente Hypermarket opened by Sonae MC that is located at the Commercial New Arcade Centre in Braga created many new jobs in the region. It has a sales area of 6,500 m2 and an investment of approximately 30 million euros.

The new Continente hypermarket falls within the concept of "Supermarket of the Future". The decor is marked by the use of natural materials such as wood. In addition, there is a strong focus on lighting which provides a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, favouring shopping experiences.

The spaces are designed to enhance the quality of products and to facilitate consumer choice. It highlights the areas of fruits and vegetables and also butchery and fish, revealing the commitment to domestic production.

Quick facts about the new store Continente Nova Arcada: 237 new jobs; 133 first jobs; 6,500 m2 of sales area; 26 cash desks (6 self-checkout & 11 with service); 600 parking spaces; storages for used cooking oil, used batteries and cork stoppers.

The LOYTEC Competence Partner RACE installed a total control solution for the food retail market based on LOYTEC components including automation servers (L-INX automation servers and L-IOB I/O modules) and a SCADA building management system (LWEB-900). This solution integrates all systems of the store from refrigeration to HVAC and lighting and allows for increased energy efficiency and transparent management of the technical equipment.

The integral solution includes the following features:Continente Hypermarket, Braga Nova ArcadaContinente Hypermarket, Braga Nova Arcada

  • Control of the smoke extraction system,
  • Production and distribution centres of hot and cold water,
  • HVAC Control,
  • Peak control and load shedding,
  • Lighting control,
  • Thermal & Electric Energy and water metering  with reports (tariffs included),
  • Monitoring of pumping water systems,
  • Monitoring of power distribution blocks and generator groups ,
  • Refrigeration system monitoring,
  • Measurement of temperatures and historical reports.


 Continente Hypermarket, Visualization Continente Hypermarket, Visualization   Continente Hypermarket, Visualization


Interesting Facts


Braga, Portugal

Number of Nodes



LIOB-FT, LIOB-IP, BACnet MS/TP, IP Network, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, M-Bus

Companies involved

RACE,  Sonae MC 

LOYTEC Components  

5 x LINX-220, 32 x LIOB-151, 34 x LIOB-152, 19 x LIOB-453, 1 x L-MBUS80, 1x LVIS-3ME12-A1, LWEB-900

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