RWE Supply & Trading, Essen, Germany, 2010

rwe_front_head_office_250x166.jpgBeing a subsidiary of RWE AG, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH is one of the leading companies in European energy trading. RWE Supply & Trading takes the responsibility of a gas procurement volume of nearly 50 billion cubic metres per year and is responsible for all of RWE’s activities on the international procurement and wholesale markets for energy.

In 2009 RWE Supply & Trading moved to a new building in Essen (Germany). Equipped with a CEA-709 based room automation heating/cooling, lighting and sun blinds are integrated. This guarantees an energy-efficient operation of the property. L-VIS Touch Panels visualize room automation functions and allow individual adjustment of parameters. Infrastructure components such as the CEA-709/IP Router L-IP ensure secure communication between the CEA-709 nodes.

Interesting Facts

Devices: L-IP Router, L-VIS

Location Essen, Germany
Number of Nodes
Topology L-VIS Touch Panels
Infrastructure components such as the CEA-709/IP Router L-IP
Companies involved
LOYTEC Components
L-IP Router
L-VIS Touch Panel
L-VIS/L-WEB Configurator