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Gallileo Tower, Frankfurt, Germany

Gallileo_m.jpgThe completion of the 190 Million Euro high-rise building enables Dresdner Bank to concentrate their 9,000 employees in Frankfurt at only two locations in the city by 2004. The tower weighs 100,000 tons and consists to a large extent of glass. It has 38 floors and offers approximately 30,000 square meters of office space. More than 4,000 individual windows form a transparent outer skin of 22,000 square meters in size.






Interesting Facts


Location Frankfurt, Germany

Number of Nodes

Topology 36 L-Switches, 3 L-Switches each are connected via TP-1250 sub-backbones. Sub-backbones communicate via L-IPs and Ethernet/IP. L-Proxys are used for inter-domain communication.

Companies involved
Johnson Controls

LOYTEC Components
36 x LS-13333C, multiport router
3 x LS-13333C, multiport router
12 x LIP-1ECT, internet router
13 x L-Proxy, multiport gateway

LPA, protocol analyzer