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Ernst & Young Headquarters Sydney, Australia

ernst_young.jpg The $ 422 million high-rise Ernst & Young Center comprises the main tower of 44 levels offering minimum A grade quality accommodation. The building benefits from a central core with full height double glazed windows, allowing excellent natural light and views from the upper levels to all elevations. The amenities, including services, elevators, lobbies and forecourt, are comparable to premium grade standards. The tower has 44 floors and offers approximately 68.000 square meters of office space.











Interesting Facts


Location Sydney, Australia

Number of Nodes

Topology L-Switch connected to L-IP via TP-1250 sub-backbone. Sub-backbones communicate via L-IPs and Ethernet/IP. L-Proxys are used for inter-domain communication. LSD tool is used for network monitoring.

Companies involved
TAC Pacific Ltd.

LOYTEC Components
LS-13333C, multiport router
LIP-1ECT, Internet router
L-Proxy, multiport gateway

LPA protocol analyzer, LSD system diagnostics tool