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International Horticultural Exposition Shenyang, China

shenyang.jpgInternational Horticultural Exposition 2006, located in QIPANSHAN International Scenery and Tourism Development Zone, Shenyang, China, was officially open from May 1st to October 31st, 2006.

During opening period, more than 10 million visitors from all around the world, whose senses experienced various luscious greens, magnificent displays of colors and exquisite smells, attended. Altogether 100 gardens were presented, including 23 international, 53 domestic and 24 special designed gardens.

International Horticultural Exposition 2006 Shenyang still includes four topics buildings, which are Wings of Phoenix - the 72 meter magnificent lofty leaning tower, Lily Tower - the 125 meter high Lily in full bloom, Rose Garden - the largest greenhouse with over 3500 varieties of roses worldwide and Comprehensive Hall - the indoor Exposition Hall with massive 12000 square meters.

The HVAC and Streetlight control in International Horticultural Exposition 2006 was designed to use CEA-709 control technology. TAC Vista IV building management system, the worlds leading LONWORKS based open system, was installed and provides a very flexible and reliable HVAC and streetlight open solution. LOYTEC high performance network analysis and infrastructure was also used in International Horticultural Exposition 2006 Shenyang.


Interesting Facts


Location Shenyang City,China

Number of Nodes
>100 Nodes

Topology 3 L-Switch devices connected by a collision-less TP-1250 backbone; two TAC Vista IV are connected to the backbone via two separate NIC709-PCI and TP-1250 port of one L-Switch over Fiber channel.

Companies involved
Liaoning Electronic Engineering Center, China

LOYTEC Components
2 x NIC709-PCI Network Interface
4 x L-Term Network Terminator
3 x L-Switch Multiport Router
1 x LPA-USB Protocol Analyzer

LPA protocol analyzer
LSD system diagnostic tool