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Central Station Berlin, Germany

berlin_hbf_m.jpg Designed by the architect Meinhard von Gerkan, the station was built on the former ground of the Lehrter Bahnhof and put in operation on May, 28th, 2006 as Berlin Central Station.

The railway building has two main levels serving the rail traffic as well as three connecting and business levels with 15,000 m² shop surfaces for approximately 80 retail businesses. Altogether, 900 people work in the actual station including 150 employees of the ‘Deutsche Bahn AG’. Additionally, 42,000 m² of office surface is available.





Interesting Facts


Location Berlin, Germany

Number of Nodes

Topology CEA-709 with IP-852 (Ethernet/IP) backbone

Companies involved
Sauter-Cumulus GmbH

LOYTEC Components
38 L-IP Router
4 L-Switch LS-13300C
32 L-Switch LS-13333C
75 L-Switch LS-13CB
53 L-Switch LS-33CB
28 L-Term LT-13
122 L-Term LT-33