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L-Switch CEA-709 Router




  • Physical separation and logical connection of up to five CEA‑709 network segments
  • TP/‌FT‑10 channels are compatible with link power
  • Compliant with CEA-709 and ISO/‌IEC 14908-1 (LonMark System)
  • Can be used as configured router, learning switch, or as repeater (Smart Switch mode)
  • Plug and play installation (Smart Switch mode)
  • Forwards packets of up to 256 bytes length
  • Supports up to four domains (Smart Switch mode)
  • Learning of the topology with forwarding decision based on subnet/node and group addresses (Smart Switch mode)
  • Short propagation delay between ports
  • Network diagnostic LEDs
  • CEA-709 status and activity LED
  • Shapes for LonMaker® Network Management Tool available